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Get up to speed for Harvest this season

by Aug 18, 2017Ag Leader, Yield Monitoring

With all of the advancements Ag Leader has made to on-the-go yield monitoring over the past 25 years, one thing has been paramount to our mission since the beginning – accuracy. As you’ve seen in our recent posts, the InCommand™ display now makes getting the Ag Leader accuracy you trust even easier with a simplified calibration process.

You can now enjoy time savings together with the best-in-class yield monitoring experience you’re used to from Ag Leader. At the end of the day, view and analyze your yield information with AgFiniti® and SMS™ Software to turn your data into decisions. As you prepare for harvest, review our new harvest tutorials. These nine videos will show you just how easy it is to perform all of the necessary calibrations to ensure you’re collecting highly accurate yield data, as well as how to build a new harvest configuration, navigate the harvest run screen and import variety tracking files. 

Ready to take advantage of the new features this harvest season? Version 2.5 was recently released, you can find it here. Check out this tutorial on updating your Ag Leader InCommand displays to the latest firmware.

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