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Getting the most out of your DirectCommand system

by May 28, 2010DirectCommand®


In my last post I talked about getting your sprayer ready for another season and some of the common settings used to fine tune your DirectCommand system. This week I will be discussing some additional features to use to get the best possible performance out of your sprayer.

Minimum Flow – This setting is used to maintain a consistent spray pattern by not allowing flow to drop below the minimum gallons per minute required for sprayer nozzles.  In order to determine this setting you will need to consult the manufacturer's tip chart and multiply the minimum flow for each nozzle by the number of nozzles on the boom. This setting will be changed under the Configuration Settings screen and will ensure you maintain a full spray pattern when applying at lower speeds. PWM Standby – This is a user-defined setting when using a PWM valve for rate control. It determines the percent duty cycle the system uses when the booms are all off. This will help the system maintain pressure when all sections are off and make it easier for the system to obtain it's target rate at the start of each pass. Tank MixesTank mixes can be used when you are applying a mix of liquid products through one solution line. A tank mix can include up to seven products and will provide more accurate documentation of the products applied. When you use tank mixes you are able to record the total amount of product dispensed along with the amount of each specific product in the mix.


Smart Report™ – The Smart Report is used to easily obtain hard records on what has been applied in the fields and what the conditions were at the time of application. They contain information such as EPA numbers, operator license number, total amounts of each product applied, wind speed and wind direction – just to name a few. Boundaries – An outer boundary is used to map the field border and determine the outside of the field.  You can also use inner boundaries to mark parts of the field that you would like to be excluded from application (e.g. waterways, terraces, etc). Boundaries can be created during application or in your desktop software. Clear Bounds – This button is pressed if you wish to center the map on the current GPS positions. Most commonly this is used when there is a flier point and the map is not being displayed during application, even though all data is being logged and the system is working as expected.  Flier points occur when there is a point on the map that is further than two miles away from the current GPS position. Clear Bounds can be found under the Field Information screen in the display.

Good luck as the growing season continues! Should you need any help with your precision equipment, don't hesitate to give Ag Leader Tech Support a call.

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