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Great New Features in Firmware Version 6.2!

by Feb 3, 2015Ag Leader, DirectCommand®, Displays, SeedCommand®

Firmware version 6.2 brings productive new features to the Ag Leader® Integra, Versa™ and Compass™ displays. Here are just a few:

On screen mapping improvements

Especially helpful with application, this improved modeling results in a more accurate on screen map when backing into corners and making multiple point turns while logging coverage.

Another feature in version 6.2 is support for the DirectCommand™ ISO Liquid Control Module for the North American market. Introduced in 2014 overseas, it brings a host of valuable features to applicators. For more information on the ISO Liquid Control Module click here.

With the ISO Liquid Module, Ag Leader can now control up to 3 Raven ISO SideKick Pro™ Injection Pumps.

Additionally, with version 6.2 Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays now have integrated turn compensation for the Kinze 4900 planters. This feature improvement now eliminates the need to have a GPS receiver on the planter. Customers can seamlessly and securely control the 4900 with Ag Leader displays through Task Controller.

To read about all the features of version 6.2, click here.

SideKick Pro is a trademark of Raven Industries, Inc.

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