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International Perspectives: Dealer Training

by Feb 4, 2013Displays, International Perspectives

During the week of January 14-18, Ag Leader held its annual distributor training at the PTC+ in Ede, The Netherlands. As in the past, this was a 5 day training session covering all the Ag Leader product lines so was very intensive but also very interesting and valuable to the distributors. It was great to see so many attending, and numbers were higher than the previous year.

Had it not been for some conflicts with exhibitions in some parts of Europe, the numbers would have been higher! Despite some pretty bad weather during the week (Netherlands experienced it worse traffic jams since 1997 that week!), things mostly went smoothly and we have received some great feedback. One of the great things about meetings such as this, is that it gives the opportunity for distributors to meet each other and discuss his or her own markets, solutions and ideas. Such interactions can only be helpful.


Social meeting at the Ag Leader office in Heumen Malden


Despite the cold and snowy conditions, training for OnTRac2+, GeoSteer and ParaDyme went well.


Tractors lined and ready to go!


Direct Command training was somewhat warmer!

During the week, we also took the opportunity to thank our distributors for the signicant efforts that have put into selling Ag Leader products over the last 12 months and also gave out awards to those the excelled in sales.


Carlos Escribano of AAMS Iberica receives his Silver award.


Jaanus Kilgi of Tatoli receives his Silver award.

Overall we had a great week and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that attended and also the Ag Leader staff for help with organizing and training.

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