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$5000 OFF

Complete RTK Steering Package

InCommand 1200, SteerCommand Z2, GPS 7500, RTK unlock

$4000 OFF

RTK Steering Package

SteerCommand Z2, GPS 7500, RTK unlock

$3500 OFF

Complete TerraStar Steering Package

SteerCommand Z2, InCommand 1200, GPS 7500, TerraStar unlock

$2500 OFF

TerraStar Steering Package

Steer Command Z2, GPS 7500, TerraStar unlock

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Program runs from through September 29 in select markets. Must trade-in legacy steering unit. Eligible trade-in steering controllers: ParaDyme receiver or GeoSteer controller & GeoDock receiver.



Choose from integrated or hydraulic steering control with entry-level to high-accuracy guidance options.



From row shutoffs and electric drives to hydraulic downforce and high speed planting systems, Ag Leader has a variety of planting solution to improve your planter’s performance.



Liquid and granular application control up to nozzle-by-nozzle control. Get the level of application control you need for your spray operation.

Available for Order – RightSpot™

Individual Nozzle Control for Sprayers

Get the right coverage across the field with RightSpot, Ag Leader’s latest in trusted application technology. RightSpot helps eliminate overlap through nozzle-by-nozzle sprayer control for consistent and effective coverage. Sprayer operators experience greater control with the flexibility of a wider speed range, increasing productivity and accuracy. 

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