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Learn More About the New CAN Switchbox!

by Apr 9, 2013DirectCommand®

Ag Leader introduced a new integrated switchbox in late February of this year.  It combines the Auxiliary Input Module with the analog switchbox for a cleaner installation and appearance in the cab.  Externally (pictured below) it retains much of the same look and dimensions of the analog switchbox. It is available now in kit part number 4100879.

The picture below highlights the equivalent connections between the CAN switchbox and the Auxiliary Input Module.

You can see how they both have the same connector types.  On the CAN switchbox, connections are as follows:

4 pin Cannon connector for CAN A communication

6 pin Deutsch connector for a Radar connection

12 pin Switch A connection for external inputs such as an application foot pedal or jump start switch

During normal operation the green power indicator will flash, representing CAN communication.

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