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Let AgFiniti Simplify Your Harvest Season!

by Sep 14, 2015AgFiniti®, Value of Data, Yield Monitoring

Harvest is a busy time of year; your thoughts are in a million places and you have to keep track of a multitude of different things. What field do we move to next? How many more loads until that bin is full? Is the truck going to be back in time? The last thing you want to have to worry about is… did I get my yield data?

Let AgFiniti take some of the burden off your shoulders this fall. Automatically save your yield data to the AgFiniti cloud based platform, knowing it's safe and accessible. Grant your trusted advisors access to your data so they can look at and process your data without ever having to exchange an email or hand over a USB stick.

Share guidance lines, field boundaries and more between multiple Ag Leader displays in your fleet. Shortening down time and increasing efficiency across your entire operation!

If you are an SMS software user, use AgFiniti to view your maps from your favorite mobile device, no matter what brand of display they were generated with! Giving you easy access to your data, no matter where you're at, your office, your land lords kitchen table, or your consultant's desk!

To learn more about how AgFiniti can help make your life easier this fall, check out our website or give us a call at 515-735-7000.

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