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Let the proven Ag Leader® Integra control your Kinze 4900 planter!

by Apr 4, 2015Ag Leader, Displays, International Perspectives

As the Kinze 4900 begins its second planting season for most customers and the Ag Leader® Integra begins its sixth, Ag Leader wishes to highlight the merits of using the two together in your farming operation.

The Ag Leader® Integra will control the 4900 and all its functions through Task Controller, a component of Virtual Terminal/ISOBUS.

Here are some additional unique benefits that the Ag Leader® Integra provides:

• Seamless Variety Tracking for harvest
• Ability to control Hydraulic Down Force
• Year around value outside of the planting tractor – spray, tile, steer, harvest and more!
• AutoSteer compatibility, all in one display
• Easy install – all that’s required is an Ag Leader display cable kit, ISOBUS Retrofit kit (if the tractor is not ISOBUS ready), a GPS receiver and cable, a Multi-product unlock and an Ag Leader® Integra display!



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