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Liquid Planter Options with Ag Leader

by Mar 5, 2019DirectCommand®, SeedCommand®

When applying liquid products with the planter, there are many different options available to suit each farmer’s needs, budget, and planting configuration. The options range from basic ground drive pumps to advanced valves that vary the rate and placement of fertilizer on every row unit. Ag Leader offers control solutions to help growers manage the increasing costs of liquid products while logging the placement of these products.

How it works

Generally, controlling liquid on the planter can be thought of similarly as a sprayer. The system applies energy to build pressure which then transports the liquid from the tank to the ground.  Additionally, flow needs to be varied to maintain a consistent rate per acre as section widths change and planter speeds vary. Some systems accomplish both of these tasks with a single pump while others separate the two functions between a pump and a flow control valve. It is common for low rate in-furrow products to be controlled by an electric pump while higher volume off-furrow products (such as 28 or 32% UAN) require a hydraulic motor to drive the pump to achieve the rates needed.

Agronomic Benefit

Starter fertilizer has typically been recommended in fields with cooler soil temperatures – including no-till fields and fields with heavier residue cover. In these cooler soil conditions, starter fertilizer placed near developing seed provides easy access to nutrients. These easy nutrients help the seed until soil conditions improve or until the plant has time to develop an adequate root system. Starter fertilizers generally stimulate early plant growth and development; however, it is not always linked to a yield response.

Starter fertilizer can also be beneficial to use if your field has lower soil test levels. Much of this response is linked to phosphorous.

Our products

DirectCommand® can control electric pumps by adding the DC Motor Driver or a complete wiring install will connect to the planter’s liquid control valve, flowmeter, and optional section control valves. Ag Leader offers a range of rate control options to fit the grower’s unique liquid setup.

Talk to your Ag Leader dealer to discuss an option that works for you and your planter.

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