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Loading Prescription Files into Ag Leader® Integra and Versa Displays

by May 20, 2013Ag Leader, Displays

With the use of prescription files increasing over the past few years; more and more people are realizing how beneficial proper product placement has become.  Many of our customers’ use prescriptions to variable rate year round from liquid and granular application to planting.  I thought it would be a nice refresher to walk through the process of how to import your prescriptions step-by-step.


To begin there are three types of files currently supported by the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays; .AGSETUP, .IRX, and .SHP that can serve as a prescription file.

Here is the step by step process:

1. Start by selecting the Wrench while on your map screen. You will need to open your product tab to gain access to this feature.

2. You will then need to select Rx next to Prescription.

3. On this screen you will notice two USB icons. This is because the current configuration loaded is a two bin dry spreader machine. Meaning I have two products I can load in. In some instances you may only have 1; in others you could have up to 8 for the Ag Leader® Integra. Simply select the USB icon for the product / products you would like to import a prescription for.

4. Locate your prescription on the card and press on it. You will then see the map filter in on the right, showing you the rate zones for the field. This will also be a way to make sure the correct prescription is being loaded. Push the forward arrow to continue.

5. On this next page it will ask you to: Select Raster. This simply means chose the “layer” you want to import. In some instances an .IRX prescription can be created with multiple channel’s all in one.  You will just need to select which one you want to import on that particular file.

6. You will have successfully added the prescriptions when you reach this page. The red minus signs signifies a prescription is loaded and you can remove that file at anytime by selecting the red minus icon.

7. Your prescription will appear on the mapping screen once it is loaded. To utilize the prescription loaded you will need to press the Rx button located on the product tab.

For more information on loading prescriptions or creating prescriptions please call into Tech Support @ 515-232-5363 or email us at

You can also learn how to create prescriptions using Ag Leader SMS software by clicking here.

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