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Looking for a More Efficient Planting Season? Look No Further than AgFiniti – Part 2

by Mar 27, 2015Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, Displays

Your planter is greased, row units ready to roll, start up fertilizer system good to go; your sprayer is waiting patiently for the first round of post application to begin. Only one thing remains…display setup and calibrations. They’re dreaded. Time consuming. You haven’t used that display for months. You power it on; now what? Don’t remember? Your dealer is 40 minutes away. What if they could walk you through everything remotely? Now there is a thought…

You’re already familiar with AgFiniti’s File Transfer capabilities, now it’s time to think about Remote Support, and the multitude of efficiencies this can bring to your spring routine. The Remote Support feature within the AgFiniti wireless platform brings the efficiency of having your dealer in the cab with you, without actually having them in the cab!

With Remote Support your dealer or service provider has the ability to view your display remotely. They see the exact same thing you do, and you get the comfort of knowing exactly when they’re viewing your display.

This makes monitor setup and calibrations a breeze. Having the ability for your dealer to see exactly what numbers and settings you need to change, makes the process quick and easy and ensures you didn’t forget to select anything important.

During field operations, if you forget where a certain button or setting is, your dealer is just a click away, rather than waiting for 30 minutes for a 5 minute fix. Saving you both valuable time and money.

If you have any questions or comments on how AgFiniti can help you this spring, give us a call at 515-232-5363 and we’ll be glad to talk!

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