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Manage Nitrogen Application and Maximize Yield Potential with OptRx® Crop Sensors

by May 21, 2012DirectCommand®

Are you willing to take whatever steps needed to ensure maximum yield potential? Variable rate nitrogen application utilizing OptRx® crop sensors is one way to reduce the risk of over fertilizing in early growth stages and ensure optimum plant health across the entire field.

How OptRx Works

OptRx crop sensors are installed across the application boom and integrate seamlessly with DirectCommand™ on your Ag Leader® Integra display. Emitting its own light source, the sensors measure crop health based on plant mass and light reflectivity readings.  By identifying the plant health of the crops, OptRx determines the amount of nitrogen plants with lower crop health need. OptRx averages the readings from multiple sensors installed across the boom and recommends the amount of nitrogen that should be applied, relaying this information to the cab display so application rates can be adjusted on-the-fly. By applying more nitrogen in lower performing areas and less in higher performing areas, you can maintain a uniform, consistent nitrogen-rich soil base across the field through the key parts of the growing season. Improved crop health from proper nitrogen application leads to increased yield potential.

Crop Sensor Rate Table

Nitrogen is not the only agrochemical that can be applied on-the-go with OptRx crop sensors. Thanks to the new Crop Sensor Rate Table, many agrochemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, defoliants, growth regulators and others, can now be more effectively applied at varying rates according to crop health. The new Crop Sensor Rate Table allows you to choose a Vegetative Index range and assign the recommended rates based on those ranges. To take advantage of the new rate table, simply update your Ag Leader Integra display firmware to version 3.3.

OptRx Data: Independent Test

Tim Norris of Ag Info Tech LLC in Bucyrus, Ohio, conducted an independent OptRx crop sensor test. In the attached power point presentation, Tim outlines the results.

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Learn more about the bottom-line benefits of OptRx crop sensors here, or visit your nearest Ag Leader dealer.

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