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New Employee Bundle Wrap-up

by Mar 29, 2016Ag Leader

 As we close the chapter on another successful training season, we reflect on what happened over this past winter. A lot of students came eager to learn and a lot left with a binder full of knowledge.

Over 50 new employees attended week long training sessions that gave them a strong Ag Leader foundation. Everyone learned not only from the instructors but also from shared experiences with other new faces.

At the beginning of the week, many students set up displays for the first time. Alongside this display training they experienced how the data recorded was easily transferred to the to the SMS™ Software via the AgFiniti® Cloud.

Once there was an established familiarity with the displays and data management tools, students were then introduced to the SeedCommand™, DirectCommand™ and Guidance & Steering products.

Building off of our 100 level online courses allowed for each day to be more detailed focused to better equip students for real world situations. Learning how to not only how to install a planter system, but also knowledge and experience to diagnose and service it as well.

During the following day students were introduced to not only the first generation liquid system, but also the ISOBUS Liquid system that was introduced last year. Learning all the added features as well as learning the new hardware required for each piece of equipment.

Finally on the last day of the week the GPS & Steering class reviewed our signals and receivers learned in GPS 100 and expanded into RTK methods, hydraulic integrated steering systems, and advanced tuning. Students were able to apply some of the tuning skills they learned almost immediately with the ride and drive session.

Right now most of these students are putting these skills into practice with planting season now beginning. It would have been a much more difficult learning experience had they not received a strong foundation from their time in training.

If you have new employees that weren’t able to attend training this past winter, continue checking the training website as the summer schedule will be released soon. In the meantime, be sure to get these new employees signed up for online training. We look forward to seeing everyone this summer!
For any questions regarding training or individual training content, please refer to or contact the training team at 515-735-7230.

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