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Put DisplayCast in your operation this fall!

by Sep 20, 2017Displays, Yield Monitoring

Make critical decisions right from the field with instant data visibility from InCommand displays and AgFiniti! The powerful duo brings you DisplayCast®, a display-to-display communication feature for InCommand 1200 and 800 displays. Fall harvest is the perfect time to see what seamless information sharing between InCommand displays can do for your operation’s efficiency!

InCommand displays share information like guidance lines, coverage maps, yield summary information, planting and application maps during harvest and more. Whether you have two displays working in one field or need information from another display parked at your operation, DisplayCast is the ticket to speed and efficiency on your farm.

In your harvest operation:

  • Share guidance lines between displays
  • Combine yield summary totals by variety
  • Share coverage maps for section control

DisplayCast is for all users and all seasons. Think your operation is too small for DisplayCast? Never have more than one machine running at once? DisplayCast still works for you!

In the combine:

  • Share variety maps across displays
  • Share display background maps
  • Bring in planting information from the spring from another InCommand
  • Bring in application data from another InCommand
  • Have your combine InCommand synced with all other InCommand displays to help make critical decisions while harvesting

But don’t just take our word for it!

Hamer co-owns a commercial spraying operation in Hudson, Iowa. He’s currently using DisplayCast on his family farm where he grows corn and soybeans.

It’s been interesting; it’s been fun to use (DisplayCast)… In the past, I couldn’t see what was left in the field late at night. (The other person combining) thought I did a section, and I thought he did it and it just didn’t get done. With DisplayCast we can look and immediately know if we’ve got everything in the combine.


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