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Read All About It, AgFiniti Expanded and More Powerful Than Ever!

by Jan 19, 2016Uncategorized

By now you’ve probably heard of our AgFiniti® cloud based platform. AgFiniti is rapidly evolving to better fit your farming operation and to provide you with a valuable tool for your precision toolbox. I’ve decided to outline the details of AgFiniti in this blog. Hopefully this will help you determine if there is an opportunity for AgFiniti in your operation!

There are currently 5 main features to consider when thinking about AgFiniti. I’ll outline each, as well as clear the air about any licensing associated with these features. For pricing information on these licenses, consult your local Ag Leader Dealer.

AgFiniti Mobile: AgFiniti Mobile is the most recent addition to the AgFiniti platform. Released along with our new InCommand™ display line, AgFiniti Mobile makes your data management hassle free by accessing data directly from your InCommand display. No wires or internet connection needed! Your maps and reports just show up on your free AgFiniti Mobile app. Download this app onto your iPad today, available on the Apple App Store. If you want to use AgFiniti Mobile with your Ag Leader® Integra/Versa™ display, stay tuned… we’ve got some exciting news coming up in the next few months!

File Transfer: This feature allows files to be transferred from Ag Leader displays* to AgFiniti for: storage, sharing between accounts, emailing, accessing through SMS™ desktop software, or to other Ag Leader displays*. Time to get rid of the USBs and stop chasing machines all over the countryside! A yearly license is required for use.

File Sharing: Available when utilizing the file transfer functionality of AgFiniti; these powerful sharing tools allow you to easily share files between AgFiniti accounts. Is your agronomist creating prescription files for you? Set it up so they automatically have access to your data for reference. Stopped using your agronomists’ services? Easily and instantly stop your sharing relationship for peace of mind.

Map View: AgFiniti gives you the ability to see your as applied precision ag data from any internet enabled device! With the ability to see high resolution, detailed maps and information from multiple operations simultaneously, the power of AgFiniti really shines. Quickly and easily see information for specific points in the field, or run a query to see information for a user defined area. This functionality is free if you use SMS desktop software and are current in the software maintenance program, acre limitations apply**.

Remote Support: Remote Support allows a user to view any Ag Leader display* connected to an AgFiniti account. You’ll have the ability to see exactly what the operator is seeing in real time, from your computer. A yearly licenses is required for use.

These are the current main features of the AgFiniti cloud based platform, but keep in mind… this is an ever evolving product! Stay tuned for even more feature packed options from AgFiniti in the very near future!

*Compatible displays include: Ag Leader® Integra, Versa™, InCommand™ 800, InCommand™ 1200
**SMS Basic users receive 3,000 acres. SMS Advanced users receive 15,000 acres of cloud viewing. Additional acres are available for purchase. Contact your Ag Leader dealer for more information.

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