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Simplify Application with DirectCommand®

by Jul 23, 2019DirectCommand®

I think we can all agree; post-emergence application is a hassle. The window of time to apply is usually short, so the work is done quickly. Add the regulations and required record keeping to the mix and what you’ve created is a large headache. This is especially true with applying RUP products like Dicamba. If you choose to use Dicamba, it’s important to know what guidelines have been established, and keep proper records to avoid trouble down the road. If only that part were simplified… enter DirectCommand® Smart Report™.

Simplify application reporting for liquid and granular products, with detailed SmartReports from your InCommand® 1200 display. Satisfy government record keeping by easily sending reports from the display to store and view on any web-enabled mobile device with AgFiniti®.

Solutions Streamline Record Keeping: 

  • From the display, data can be sent as Smart Reports to AgFiniti. These reports can then be viewed from anywhere or be shared with others. 
  • AgFiniti helps take the complexity out of remembering what product was sprayed where. Reports provide location, product information, applied totals, field areas, as-applied maps and field boundaries.
  • Use the display or AgFiniti to confirm the planted variety in the field before spraying.
  • Enter basic information in the Smart Report about weather, soil conditions, products used, etc. 
  • Generate PDF reports automatically when leaving the field that can be saved, emailed or printed. 

That’s not all. Of course, precise and accurate application is the first step to responsible spraying. The features of DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid can help an operator make fewer mistakes and catch easy-to-miss problems. 

Features Improving Liquid Application: 

  • Droplet size monitoring helps guide sprayer operators to reduce fines that are prone to moving off-target.
  • Pressure fallback reduces controller flow surging. Surging takes pressure low and high – creating fine droplets that move off target. 
  • DirectCommand ISO Liquid is compatible with DirectCommand ISO Liquid Chemical Injection Pump. Chemical injection helps simplify machine clean-out and reduces risk of residual Dicamba causing crop damage.
  • The pressure-flow relationship helps identify problems ranging from failing flowmeters to plugged screens, or leaks. 

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