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SMS Harvest Preparation

by Aug 18, 2015SMS™ Software, Yield Monitoring

As the days shorten and the air grows cooler, you are most likely getting your equipment ready to harvest. Even though a large part of harvesting is having proper settings and calibrations on your machines for a smooth season, you also may want to use variety tracking and record data to view your progress and inputs throughout the year in SMS. This post will guide you through essential steps to take to receive quality results from your data to use efficiently in your SMS Mapping Software.

1. Check the version of your SMS Software. This will prevent SMS from being incompatible with any display firmware versions that are released before seasons. Being on the current version of SMS will prevent future issues, when you would like to read in your harvest data.
2. If variety tracking, check your Management Tree to be sure your Planting data is there with the correct Year and Product Name. If they are incorrect, Here is a tutorial to walk you through the Move Branch tool to correct this issue!

3. After you have confirmed everything is correct in your Management Tree, you can create a Device Setup Configuration to send out to your display. Here is a tutorial on exporting monitor setup information!

4. It’s always a good practice to save your files off of your USB drives onto your computer or hard drive after each season. Those USB drives are fairly small and can get lost or broke easily and we don’t want you to lose your valuable data. Also this will help speed up exporting the data on to your USB drive and importing it into the display, so you don’t have to search for the file you need to import.
5. After you read your harvest data into SMS, make a backup. It’s always important to make a backup of your SMS Projects, just in case something happens to your computer or data then we can restore your projects more easily.

Following these steps will ensure quality data from your Harvest season and will make your harvest season a little less stressful. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact the SMS Software Support team and we will be happy to answer them.

Have a Happy and Safe Harvest Season!

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