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Spring Firmware Release will Allow Task Controller Functionality on New Kinze Planters!

by Nov 4, 2013Ag Leader, DirectCommand®

Ag Leader fans with a Kinze 4900 planter on order can now rest assured the Ag Leader® Integra or Versa™ displays will be in their planting tractor this spring.  With the spring firmware release, these Ag Leader displays will feature the planter Task Controller functionality needed to run these innovative new planters from Williamsburg.

Below are some screen shots of the Kinze 4900’s Object Pool loaded to an Ag Leader Integra display.


Kinze Object Pool showing planter performance


Kinze Object Pool displaying seed tank weight and acres remaining


Kinze Object Pool showing the application product screen


Kinze Object Pool – planting rate selection screen shown with a prescription loaded


Kinze Object Pool showing the planting rate selection screen


Kinze Object Pool displaying the planter menu screen


Ag Leader Integra run screen loaded with a Kinze 4900 configuration


Planter Task Controller functionality includes:

  • Prescription rate control for planting operations
  • Automatic section control, if the planter is equipped
  • Data logging available for viewing and analysis in SMSTM software
  • Liquid and/or granular control with prescription support via .agsetup files , if the planter is equipped

Additional notes about the Kinze ISO/Task Controller:

  • Task Controller standards do not support Advanced Seed Tube monitoring functionality, however Kinze’s 4900 module does show this information on the VT screen. Do not attempt to install an Ag Leader Seed Tube Monitor Module on a 4900 planter as it would have no way to receive swath control information and would therefore incessantly alarm “No Seed Flow” anytime a row or rows are not planting.
  • Switchboxes are no longer required as manual section control will be carried out on the Virtual Terminal screen. Currently, Kinze’s 4900 module does not allow for traditional Ag Leader switchbox operation.

The spring firmware release will also offer Task Controller support for other row crop planters, please stay tuned to the Supported ECUs page for updated supported planters as the spring months near.

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