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Steer Smoothly this Harvest with OnTrac3™!

by Sep 12, 2019Guidance & Steering

Do you prioritize simplicity in your operation? Adding OnTrac3™ to your combine this fall is a smart investment that can keep you on the track of efficient farming for years to come. This system can save you time and headaches with its easy transfer and installation features compatible with farm vehicles of any color: combines, tractors, application rigs and more.

Not only that, OnTrac3’s additional features support smoother and faster steering. Read on for more reasons why this system is the go-to assisted steering option for your operation.

OnTrac3 keeps you on-track when soybean dust obscures your view.

OnTrac3 Features:

  • Quick and easy “Lock-n’-Roll” installation. 
  • Easily transfer between vehicles.
  • Auto-calibration for simple vehicle tuning and calibration.
  • Gear driven motor is superior to friction-design steering systems – eliminates slippage.
  • New clutchless, brushless Mechanical Drive Unit provides higher torque for increased power and faster steering along with quiet operation.
  • Nine-Axis Terrain Compensation components accommodate for rolling ground and going through waterways, ditches and over terraces.
  • Internal compass provides steady heading.
  • LED diagnostic lights for at-a-glance system monitoring.
  • Easy to engage/disengage from the display or optional foot switch.
  • Controlled by all current offering Ag Leader displays.
  • Compact controller size allows ease of transfer between machines and allows more flexibility with installation.
  • Custom install kits available on over 700 vehicles.

We’ve used OnTrac3 in our combine for a few years now. We get along well with it! In beans it’s perfect – helps keep me straight and on path in heavy dust and at night. In corn, we may have to nudge here and there but it’s still pretty good. We’ve run it on WAAS and TerraStar signals.  – Greg, farmer in Illinois

Learn more about OnTrac3 by talking with a local Ag Leader Dealer.

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