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Thoughts on language barriers, sprayers and floods

by Sep 8, 2010Ag Leader, DirectCommand®, Displays

Since my last post I have had a number of interesting and exciting life experiences.  A few weeks ago I traveled to the UK to visit with sprayer manufactures about using DirectCommand with either an Ag Leader® Integra or EDGE display.  It was a good learning experience for all parties involved, for example I was able to give them some pointers on how to quickly setup and test a DirectCommand system. In return they taught me what a spanner and a proper meal are!  (A spanner in the UK is a wrench in the US.  A proper meal in the UK is a 3-course meal in the US). Below are a few common questions that operators running sprayers tend to ask. What items are required for the booms on my sprayer to open?  (NOTE:  This is most often needed when testing or flushing the system prior to field application.)

  • Ground Speed – manually enter a ground speed or the vehicle can be moving
  • Target Rate
  • AutoSwath must be turned off
  • All switches should be on; you can verify this on the Input Diagnostic Screen
  • Implement Cable (Part Number 4000495-1) –  must be plugged into the Auxiliary Port of the Liquid Control Module and have 12 volts on pins A and B

Input Diagnostics Screen INTEGRA

What is the best way to flush my booms?

Create a new Grower, Farm, Field and Region.  Name them all “Flush”.  Next, make sure all of the requirements for the booms to turn on have been met (see above).  Each time the operator reloads the “Flush” Grower, Farm, Field and Region the sprayer should be ready to flush the booms.  Another benefit of creating a “Flush” Grower, Farm, Field and Region is keeping your spray records accurate by storing flush totals separate from the actual product sprayed in the field. It would not be my normal post if I did not include a brief comment about the weather.  So I will leave you with this.  I hope the rain in the last month has not left your basement in the same condition as mine.  See pictures below.

Andy Boyle Basement 1

Andy Boyle Basement 2

Andy Boyle Basement 3

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