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Tips for using AutoSwath

by Apr 8, 2010DirectCommand®

AutoSwath™ is a common feature being used in many applications this spring. For those that are not famaliar with it, AutoSwath is Ag Leader’s term for automatic swath control.  This has several ROI applications, but the largest is reduced input costs by not overlapping already applied/planted areas.  You can learn more about the feature here and here. When setting up your systems make sure you check the following things to ensure your section control will work as expected…and will likely eliminate a call to your dealer or Ag Leader Tech Support.

Coverage Options – There are three different coverage options you can choose from:  Minimize Skip, Minimize Overlap and User-Defined.  These options will determine when your sections will turn off as they enter an already-covered area.

  • Minimize Skip will turn off the section when the entire section is an already covered area.
  • Minimize Overlap will turn off the sections when they first enter a covered area.
  • User-Defined allows you to set the percentage of your section that needs to be in a covered area before the sections turn off.

AutoSwath Look Aheads – The “Turn On” and “Turn Off” look aheads are used to determine how far ahead the system looks ahead to turn your sections on or off.  You can find the recommended settings for look aheads in the operator’s manual.  If the Turn Off is larger than the Turn On look ahead you will see issues with the system turning off and back on when entering a covered area.

GPS Offsets – GPS offsets are used to determine the distance from your GPS antenna to the application point on an implement.  When setting up your configurations make sure to enter all the GPS offsets for your equipment. You will need to enter GPS offsets for both the vehicle and implement used in your configuration.

GPS Settings– Most Ag Leader GPS receivers come from the factory setup at lower hertz and baud rates to accommodate basic precision ag monitors.  In order to run AutoSwath minimum requirements of 5 hertz GPS signal and a baud rate of 19200 must be met.  If you are using Ag Leader GPS units, you can change these setting through your Ag Leader display.  If you are using non-Ag Leader GPS, consult the owner’s manual of that unit to determine where to make these settings changes.

Boundaries – Used to determine what parts of the field you would like to apply.  First you will make an outer boundary of the field, generally the field border.  Once you have an outer boundary established, you can add internal boundaries to map out areas of the field you would like to excluded from operations, such as waterways and terraces.

To summarize, if you’re having an issue with AutoSwath, check the above list before calling your dealer or Tech Support.  It will likely save you some time and frustration.

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