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Tips from Tech: Breaking Down for Users of 4.0

by Mar 25, 2013Displays

A new tool is now available at your fingertips! With the recent firmware release of 4.0 for the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays the option to customize operator roles and create managers within your display is now here. This added feature will permit you to regulate who is allowed to manipulate setup items found in the display and what features your operators can utilize. Keep in mind that these options I am about to discuss are completely optional and are not needed in order to operate our displays.

To begin, we have two roles; a manager and operator.


  • Full access to display settings and functions
  • Only user with ability to select operating configurations when display is locked
  • Can set a password in the display to prevent unwanted changes
  • Can also be setup as an operator


  • Can have full or limited access to run screen and home screen options
  • Will have NO access to USB or Setup options (Unless setup as Manager)

    • Will have the ability to import files from the USB on the run screen

      • Prescriptions, Patterns, Boundaries
      • Managers will set up privileges given to Operator

We also have permission levels associated with Operator setup that will determine which areas of the display the user’s are allowed or limited to during operation. The three available options are Full, Basic, and Custom. Full permission provides complete access to features found on the run screen as well as home screen. Basic permission limits guidance options to; straight AB lines, Smart Path patterns, nudging, the ability to remark A and to save or reset a guidance line. We remove access to the summary screen, legend tab, marks tab, and boundary tab when using the Basic setup.

Finally, the custom permission will allow for a manager to tailor what he would like an operator to have access to in the display; a few examples would be the summary screen, guidance toolbox, boundary toolbox and the ability to remove guidance patterns. {image1}  

Our overall goal is to minimize the loss of logged data and the accidental removal of configurations and settings. We would like to stress that it will be the responsibility of the manager to remember his or her password and to be willing to work with their operators to be sure they provide access when needed to off-limit areas. We would highly recommend the manager documenting all passwords created in the display for safe keeping.

In the event that a correct password cannot be located; Tech Support will have the ability to unlock the display and should be contacted when all other resources have been expired. {image2}

In closing, our objective is to provide security to important configurations, management items, and setup options as our customers see fit and on an individual basis not to take features away.

If you have any questions please contact your local Ag Leader Dealer or contact Support at 515-232-5363 or

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