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Tips from tech: preparing for spring

by Mar 11, 2015Ag Leader, Displays, Guidance & Steering

As the long awaited spring season approaches, it is time to make sure equipment and its precision components are operating in peak condition to reduce potential downtime during the best of planting conditions. With the Farmer’s Almanac predicting intermittent wet spells during March and the beginning of April, followed by unseasonably warm temperatures for the end of April into the month of May1 —now is the time to go through those pre-season check lists to be sure everything is ready for the precious few weeks of pristine farming weather that will be here before we know it!

Whether planting or application is on the horizon, there are a few general maintenance items that everyone should consider before starting off the new crop year.

Display Maintenance

  • Create a backup in the display of last year’s data
  • Move log data from the display to a computer for long term storage
  • Create a new season for the new crop year (This may be automaitcally populated in your display)
  • Double check management items, remove any unused items
  • Add any new management items into the display
  • Create or import field boundaries into the display
  • Make sure firmware is up-to-date on the display, associated modules, and operator’s manuals are current

Check all major hardware and wiring components

Inspect Ag Leader modules and cabling for:

  • Damage
  • Wire breaks, cuts, pinch points
  • Loose or disconnected connections
  • Make sure connections are clean and free of foreign material

Check vehicle and implement configuration

Make a test field and load the vehicle configuration

  • Be sure to be connected to all necessary modules for the configuration
  • This will allow for testing of components without logging usable data

For testing of specific components, please refer to Ag Leader Dealer Portal.

For a full list of specific pre-season troubleshooting and maintenance steps for planting, application, harvest and GPS, follow the links to Ag Leader Knowledgebase below:

For any questions or for help throughout the spring season, please contact or call 515-232-5363.

Current Support Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm CDT
Weekend Hours Available Starting Saturday, March 21, 2015:
Saturday: 8am- 4pm CDT
Sunday: 12pm- 4pm CDT

From all of us here at Ag Leader Tech Support, we wish you a happy, trouble-free planting and application season!

1. Weatherbee, C. (2015, March 9). Get Our 2015 Spring Forecast! Retrieved March 9, 2015.

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