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Tips From Tech: Update: Using AgFiniti® DisplayCast®

by Oct 23, 2018AgFiniti®, Displays, Yield Monitoring

Are you using AgFiniti’s DisplayCast feature in your operation this fall? Support has put together this handy list of best practices.

1. Make sure each combine has a unique name.

2. Combines need the same product and to be on the same event. Have the first combine setup event, sync, then additional displays (other combines, grain carts, etc.) can all be on the same event.

3. Calibrations and calibration loads sync between displays. Be sure to name your cal loads appropriately based on each combine and cal load details. New for this fall is a green checkmark on the calibration menu, indicating the calibration used on your combine. When making any changes to your active cal, be sure to edit only this (your) one.

The active weight calibration for a machine will have a green checkmark. Other active calibrations for other machines using DisplayCast will still be listed, but will not have the green checkmark.

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