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Unique Features to Make Anhydrous Application Easier!

by Nov 10, 2015Ag Leader, DirectCommand®

The application of anhydrous can be a daunting task for some, but it can be made easier by using the Ag Leader ISOBUS Liquid Rate Module. There are many features within the ISOBUS Liquid Module to make NH3 application easier for the operator. 

One feature in the ISOBUS Liquid Module when applying anhydrous is the Tube Check button. Often times with anhydrous, a tube can get plugged and the operator would not notice. The Tube Check button allows the operator to check the system to see if there are any blockages in the tubes. With the implement raised, the button can be pressed and the system will release product so the operator can visually see the product come out of each tube. This is only allowed when the button is pressed and held down. Once the button is released, product stops flowing for safety reasons.

Another great feature in the ISOBUS Liquid Module for anhydrous is the option for a temperature reading. With anhydrous, it is good to know when the product is in a liquid or vapor state because of the product volitility. Adding an Ag Leader temperature sensor will assist in determining the product state. If the operator would like to see the product state, a temperature sensor and pressure sensor are both needed. One advantage of knowing the product state is that if it is in vapor form, the tank could be running low and a full tank is needed. When the product is a vapor, it may also damage the flow meter. In the picture below you can see that green is liquid state and red is vapor state. 


You can get all these great, unique features with the ISOBUS Liquid Module with your current UT compatible display! That’s right, the ISOBUS liquid module works with UT compatible Ag Leader, John Deere, CNH, Trimble, Raven and Topcon displays. 

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