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Upgrade Your Ag Leader® Integra Display!

by Apr 9, 2013Displays

Ag Leader recommends all of our growers stay up-to-date with firmware releases to ensure operation on the latest software improvements available.  Along with display improvements, module firmware is also upgraded through the display firmware assuring your hardware is also functioning efficiently.

This spring we released version 4.0 for the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays and have released all firmware downloads to the general public. Some of you may remember when we removed the Ag Leader Integra firmware off the knowledgebase when transitioning from 2.x firmware to version 3.0. This was done because moving to 3.x firmware is a major file change within your display and will cause important information to be erased during the upgrade process.  Data that will be deleted includes: Configurations, Equipment, and Products.   Other data such as: Growers, Farms, Fields, Operators, Boundaries, and Patterns will transfer over to the new format.

To alleviate any issues, Ag Leader provides “cheat sheets” for all of your configurations and settings; which ensures all important information is gathered and then correctly transferred back onto the display once the upgrade is finished.  You can locate all of these cheat sheets under the 3.6 download for the Ag Leader® Integra found here.

Tech support has been receiving a lot of calls this spring with people trying to upgrade their Ag Leader Integra display from 2.x firmware to the most recent version 4.0. As discussed earlier, due to the file upgrade process in version 3.0 we must first move from 2.x software to 3.6. This way all important information is copied over safely prior to moving to 4.0.

Those of you skipping over 3.x firmware will receive this error:


Once you have transitioned from any 2.x software to any 3.x firmware you will not have to worry about any important information being deleted from your display. The major file change ONLY occurs when transitioning from 2.x to 3.x firmware.

If you have any questions please contact your local Ag Leader Dealer or call Support at 515-232-5363.

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