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VERSA Display: Free to a Good Home

by Jun 13, 2012Displays

Most people have tossed his or her name into a tradeshow drawing with little hope it will result in more than junk mail. Winning anything of value is a faint hope. But, not if you’re Michael Shotts, who won the VERSA display in the Ag Leader booth at the National Farm Machinery Show this year. We caught up with him recently to see what he thought of the new display, and he could not have been more pleased.

Shotts farms 1500 acres in a corn/soybean rotation near Central Illinois. Before winning the VERSA display, he used an Ag Leader INSIGHT display in his combine.“The VERSA is similar to the INSIGHT in screen and operation. It is very easy to use, and works great with my autosteer system,” said Shotts.


The VERSA display contains all of the most popular year-round precision tools – including guidance, auto-steering control, SeedCommand planting control, DirectCommand application control, yield monitoring and mapping – in one small package.

“The service has been excellent, (they) answered all my questions promptly,” Shotts explained about Ag Leader's tech support and dealers. So, what’s next for his Central Illinois farm? Shotts said, “I’m not sure, but probably Ag Leader. I would recommend it to anyone.”

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