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Version 5.4 Firmware adds valuable features to Ag Leader Displays!

by Jul 11, 2014Ag Leader, Displays

Display firmware version 5.4 for Ag Leader® Integra, Versa and Compass displays was released last week and features many excellent additions that I’m certain users will appreciate.  Here is a brief overview of some of the key new features.

• AgFiniti – AgFiniti will now support Application Report (Smart Reports) transfers from the Ag Leader® Integra.
• General – Option to close event permanently. This was done to minimize the list of previous instances and so Smart Reports could be created properly in a field with multiple products applied.
• General – Three state indicators to minimize confusion– On, Off by Switch and Off by AutoSwath, pictured below.

• DirectCommand and SeedCommand – AutoSwath section control based on previously applied map, independent of application or seed product. Operators will now be able to change their products during a field operation and AutoSwath will control sections based on the previously applied coverage. The operator will need to manually load a reference map for this feature to work.

• DirectCommand – Independent section offsets for application implements and machines.  Set a front/back offset for the booms and AutoSwath will now control these sections separately, pictured below.

• DirectCommand – Improved tank mix operation. Users can now edit a tank mix without having to create a new mix, can assign a product mix by rate for each mix component and use the calculator to help determine component volumes for the mix. To utilize these new features, the mix(es) will need to be created on version 5.4. This page is shown below.

• DirectCommand – Improved Smart Report operation. Users can now filter the summary screen results by various view modes and date ranges and batch Smart Report creation based on those filters. Also, 5.4 saw internal storage of Smart Reports, additional export options and automatic Smart Report creation based on a user defined action.

To see all of the great features of version 5.4, click here: Ag Leader® Integra/Versa and Compass

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