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What is ISOBUS?

by Jul 16, 2015DirectCommand®, Displays

There is a lot of talk today in precision agriculture about this word ISOBUS. What is it you might ask? I will take some time in this blog to discuss the highlights.

Today, all modern precision agriculture and agricultural machinery manufacturers are making inroads towards this common goal of compatibility.
Before ISOBUS, growers were limited to using a specific precision display and proprietary controlling system to operate a machine. If anything changed (e.g. customer bought a new sprayer, tractor, etc.) the display/controller might be rendered obsolete due to incompatibility. ISOBUS solves this through the use of standardized connectors, communication protocols and operational guidelines.

ISOBUS is an international communication protocol that sets the standard for agriculture electronics. Essentially what that means is ISOBUS will ensure that your Ames, Iowa, USA built Ag Leader® Integra, Versa or Compass display will communicate with and control your Denmark built Hardi sprayer. Or operate your Krone large square baler from Germany. Or control your Kinze 4900 series planter built in Williamsburg, Iowa. Or your Kuhn spreader from Australia…

OK, you get the point, ISOBUS allows all these combinations to happen.

Now with consideration to your precision farming operation, do you want to pick a display that’s limited to just one or two field operations? Do you want to clutter up your cab because one display won’t do it all? Or do you want the versatility to control just about any type, color and shape of iron for all your operations?

Every year, more ISOBUS compatible/compliant implements are coming to the ag equipment market. Be ready for them with Ag Leader.

Learn more about ISOBUS here and here.
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