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Where in the World is the Yield Monitor 2000?

by Apr 4, 2018Ag Leader, Displays, Yield Monitoring

Ag Leader Technology was founded in 1992, and its first product to the market was the Yield Monitor 2000. The Yield Monitor 2000 was the first widely adopted yield monitor in the world, and changed the way farmers measured the success of their toil. Over the years, adoption of the Yield Monitor 2000 spread, not only throughout North America, but also around the globe, finding a home on nearly every continent. 

Now it’s time to play Where in the World is the Yield Monitor 2000?, where you will use the clues below to guess where you can find the most unique new home for Ag Leader’s inaugural product. 

Clue #1: The Yield Monitor 2000 may have been born in the Midwest, but it’s capitol-izing on its new home.

Clue #2: We commonly refer to the Yield Monitor 2000’s predecessors as displays, but this type of display is much more of an exhibit

Clue #3: While this location is very stately, if you guess a state, you will be wrong. This location is a unique district in the U.S. 

Clue #4: People travel from far and wide to tour this historic gallery. You might say it is the top institution of its kind.

Still stumped? If you can’t put it together after Clue #5, you need to return to high school history class.

Clue #5: This locale is named after British scientist and philanthropist, James Smithson. Another of his namesakes is the mineral, smithsonite. 

Hopefully you will put the clues together, but if not, check out this link for more information.

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