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Yield Monitor Calibration: Four to Two – what’s changed?

by Sep 7, 2017Yield Monitoring

By now most of you have heard of our yield monitor calibration enhancements announced in early August that allow growers to cut calibration loads in half and still maintain industry-leading yield data. 

Now using two calibration loads (taken at full-flow and at half-flow), achieve the SAME industry-leading accuracy comparable to the traditional four-load method.

While some of you may have your InCommand firmware updated and ready to roll this fall, others may be wondering “what’s really changed here?”

The answer is both a lot and nothing. Makes sense, right? wink

The reason I say a lot is because we have taken years of yield monitoring expertise and combined it with an intense study of grain flow characteristics to create an algorithm that delivers world-class data in fewer calibration loads. This is the big change – the algorithm that the display uses to determine what the yield is has been enhanced!

I also say nothing because there is no physical change in what you see on the InCommand display. It’s easy to see no physical change and assume we’ve just decided to get lazy in our old age (25 years is ancient in the precision farming industry) and decreased the recommended calibration loads needed. But, if you think Al Myers, Ag Leader president and founder, inventor of the on-the-go yield monitor, and lover of accurate data woke up on a sunny August morning and decided to throw his life-long commitment to high-quality yield data out the window, you don’t know Ag Leader very well.

While we believe data accuracy should be a top priority and recommend two loads, we also know not everyone shares the same fondness we have for accurate data. For growers who may not have calibrated at all in previous years or those who would prefer a faster process over data accuracy there now is a one load option which provides accuracy on par with other one calibration solutions on the market.

Still pining for more info about our updated yield monitor calibration process? Check out this blog. Ready to reduce calibration loads and maintain the highest quality data in the industry? Download your InCommand firmware or talk to your local Ag Leader dealer!

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