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SureStop Clutches

SureStop electric row clutches turn planter sections on/off row-by-row using low-maintenance, easy-to-install automatic row shutoffs.

SureStop Features

Lower Seed Cost

by eliminating double planting at end rows, point rows and partial swaths.

Increase Yield

by ensuring even spacing and reducing competition between plants.

Increase Productivity

by eliminating the need to slow down to raise/lower the planter at end rows.


Easily Mounted

Mounts on the row unit between the hex shaft and the seed meter to start and stop the seed meter.

Knows When to Stop

Stops the seed meter for previously planted areas, headlands, waterways and field boundaries to prevent over-planting.

Save Money

Save on seed costs and prevent lodged corn at harvest.

Tech Specs


12V electric point-row clutches install on each row of the planter.


Individual or per-section shut-off wiring options.

Fits Most

Installs on popular brand and model planters.

Sealed Design

Rugged, proven sealed design for year after year durability.


Plant more precisely with SeedCommand and InCommand

  • Complete planter monitoring and control functions on one display.
  • View row-level data and graphs on population, singulation, skips and doubles in real-time. 
  • Control hydraulic drives for planting variable rates. 
  • Run sectional or row-by-row Hydraulic Down Force.
  • Control point row clutches to shut off seed meters.

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