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A simple, effective way to prime without spraying while reducing product buildup in the boom. 

Upgrade your existing RightSpot™ system with BoomLoop.

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Prime the Boom Without Spraying

Sprayer nozzle control

Reduce Boom Contaminants

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Reduce Crop Damage and Coverage Gaps

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Simplify and Speed up Product Changes

BoomLoop Features

Fully Integrated Recirculation Solution

Paired with RightSpot, BoomLoop creates a streamlined path for product to flow from the ends of the boom and back to the tank, eliminating dead spots and opportunities for buildup.

Visibility Through The InCommand® Display

View and control BoomLoop through the InCommand display – the same interface used in the cab to steer, apply, and more.

Automated Priming

BoomLoop automates the priming process to ensure the spray solution from the tank fills the entire boom without dispensing product to the ground.

Convenient Sequencing

The automatic sequencing of the section valves ensures the entire boom is fully primed or flushed even when the boom is folded or not sitting level.

RightSpot Nozzle Flow

Avoid Application Mishaps

Spraying with an unprimed boom has serious consequences. The operator may forget to prime the boom or primed it inadequately, leading to water retention. Once the issue is noticed, it’s often too late – either the weeds have become too tall for control or the effective chemistry window has passed. Fixing this error requires effort, such as mixing a 5-acre batch of chemical and going through the process of cleaning out the sprayer again. Unfortunately, these mistakes often go unresolved, impacting the entire growing season.

Recirculate On-The-Go

This sprayer is equipped with RightSpot and BoomLoop. After flushing the boom the previous day, the system recirculates and primes the boom until spraying begins, facilitated by RightSpot nozzle valves. Without RightSpot and a dedicated recirculation system, users would need to unfold and recirculate the boom for some time before spraying.

Operators can initiate the BoomLoop process while folding up and driving to the next field. This allows for agitation during transport, eliminating the need to unfold and idle at the field corner.

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