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Defeat Senioritis with an Ag Leader Internship

by Seneca Cuddeback on October, 14 2013 in Ag Leader

Senioritis.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with this common ailment, it is a condition those finishing their senior year of college. Its symptoms include lack of studying and initiative, laziness, dismissive attitude and the list goes on.

As a senior in agricultural communications at Iowa State University, I chose a proactive approach to avoid this unproductive demeanor by participating in a quality internship. As a part of the agricultural communications curriculum at the university, all students are required to take part in an internship prior to graduation. I was very lucky to be chosen as the Marketing Communications Intern at Ag Leader to fulfill my last credits before I put on my cap and gown. 

During the spring semester, I was exposed to many aspects of marketing in the agricultural industry. From boarding my first flight to attend the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville to helping design the new Ag Leader website – I truly feel like I dipped my feet in a vast array of learning experiences.  My peers in the marketing department were phenomenal to work beside. This cohesive team served as my teachers, partners and support system while helping me develop into a confident businesswoman approaching the professional world.

This is me at my desk in the Ag Leader Marketing Department

One of my main responsibilities as the intern was to coordinate an agenda for Ag Leader’s new corporate video. In the midst of the planning, I was able to test my video production skills by filming some video footage internally. Although my internship will come to an end before the new video is completed, I look forward to viewing it in the future to see the contributions I made towards the final product. In addition to the video, I assisted with graphic design, photography and other various marketing projects. I enhanced my problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills immensely from constant exposure to assignments that required me to think outside-of-the-box and teach myself new skills.

Ag Leader is growing at a rate that is nearly unheard of. This is largely due to its committed employees who are passionate about Ag Leader’s products and growers. I encourage all those searching for an internship to apply at Ag Leader. You will have no regrets working for this innovative company. Learning in a classroom can only go so far – nothing you learn can prepare for you life after college like an internship can. Ag Leader provides an experience where you will apply the skills you learned in class, put them to practice and learn new skill all at once. I truly am thankful for the opportunity to be on the Ag Leader team for a short while. I will take what I have learned while interning and apply it to my future endeavors in the agricultural industry.

Ag Leader is offering another marketing internship opportunity for a lucky college student. To learn more and apply, go here!


Crazy timing. I just had to comment.  Mike Locati and I just talked about this on Farmers Tailgate Talk podcast. The value of an internship is significantly underrated. Those that come from a farm family face the easy alternative of going back and just working for dad on the farm. More money… plus mom cooks…

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