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Our History

We've come a long way, and we're just getting started

A tradition of serving farmers

Over thirty years ago, Ag Leader was started by an engineer with a dream of making farmers’ lives better. That dream led him to inventing the first commercially successful on-the-go yield monitor. Today, we have that same goal as we bring precision technology to the market, helping farmers plan, plant, apply and harvest more efficiently and accurately.

A message from our president

You may be familiar with Ag Leader, but for those of you who are not, Ag Leader is an innovator in precision farming that holds ethics, relationships, trust and integrity highly. In 1986, I felt the need to be innovative beyond the scope of my day-to-day job, so I began development of the on-the-go yield monitor. It wasn’t until 1992 that I was satisfied with a marketable product, and Ag Leader was born. Since then, Ag Leader has been producing high-quality, innovative precision agriculture tools that improve decision making, efficiency and solve agronomic challenges around the globe.

There are many changes going on in the world of precision agriculture these days – mergers, buyouts and new companies entering the market. It seems many precision partners are focused on producing products that appeal to the equipment manufacturers and focus less on what the individual grower needs. Here at Ag Leader, addressing the wants and needs of farmers is priority number one.

With four offices, 280+ employees worldwide and an expansive domestic and international dealer network, Ag Leader is dedicated to producing a valuable product experience for growers. Ag Leader remains privately owned and family operated, headquartered in Ames, Iowa, USA.

We invite you to look over our products to learn more and then inquire with your local Ag Leader dealer. I’m certain Ag Leader can improve your farming operation and your quality of life.

Al Myers
President & Founder of Ag Leader Technology

History Timeline

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  • Yield Monitor 2000™

    Developed by Ag Leader Technology’s founder and president, Al Myers, the Yield Monitor 2000 was the first commercially-successful on-the-go yield monitor.

  • GPS 2000 Receiver

    The GPS 2000 was a standalone GPS receiver /and antenna system capable of basic field mapping. This allowed yield data to be tied spatially so a yield map could be produced.

  • PF3000

    The PF Series of monitors were general purpose monitors for yield monitoring, planting, spraying, and fertilizer applications. The PF3000 was the first Ag Leader monitor to feature an on-screen map.

  • SMS™ Software

    SMS is a powerful desktop software program that helps you to take data from your field and turn into smart management decisions.

  • PFadvantage™

    Ag Leader reengineered the PF product line with the introduction of PFadvantage™, which monitored grain, cotton and bulk crop for reliable field records and yield maps.

  • InSight™ Display

    2004 brought the InSight display to Ag Leader’s line-up, and was the first full-color touchscreen yield monitor when it was introduced in 2004. Added functionality throughout its life included autosteer capabilities, variable rate technology, sprayer boom height control and more.



    SMS™ Advanced

    sms advanced

    SMS Advanced builds on SMS Basic’s functionality. SMS Advanced is largely aimed at providing tools for power users and service providers. SMS™ Advanced includes all of the features of SMS Basic, plus additional tools and features designed to make analysis across multiple fields and operations easy.

  • DirectCommand®

    DirectCommand is Ag Leader’s product family used for application. This includes products from controlling liquid or granular products for flat or variable rate, section control, recording and more.

  • SeedCommand®

    SeedCommand is Ag Leader’s product family used for planting functions. This includes products from planter monitoring, section control, variable rate planting, hydraulic down force, electric planter drives and more.

    Other 2006 Milestones:

    SMS™ Mobile

  • EDGE™ Display

    The EDGE display, an entry-level, year-round precision farming solution, was introduced in 2008. It was specifically designed for those just getting started with precision technology.

  • Ag Leader® Integra Display

    The Ag Leader Integra display met the market need for a powerful, full-featured precision farming display. The large, full-color 12.1″ HD touchscreen offered year-round precision farming control. It offered mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and more.

    Other 2009 Milestones:

    OnTrac2™   •   Ag Leader Academy   •   SureStop   •   OptRx® Crop Sensors   •   ParaDyme

  • Advanced Seed Monitoring

    Advanced Seed Monitoring allows growers to monitor singulation, spacing quality in corn, skips, doubles and view a row by row planter performance map with historical pass-to-pass information and is still featured in the current line of InCommand displays.

    Other 2010 Milestones:

    SMS™ Mobile Mesa   •   GPS 2500

  • Versa™ Display

    In 2011, the Versa display was announced, and was ideal for growers looking for a single display that could handle the most common planting, application and harvest operations. The display was built on the industry-leading Ag Leader Integra display technology, and could manage both field data collection and implement control duties, no matter the color of the equipment.

    Other 2011 Milestones:

    SureVac®   •   EMEA Office

  • Hydraulic Downforce

    Hydraulic Down Force controls and adjusts pressure instantaneously based on field topography and soil conditions. This allows the planter row unit to maintain a consistent, proper planting depth, no matter the field. Hydraulic down force technology has advanced since 2012, and is currently offered with row-by-row control technology.

    Other 2012 Milestones:

    GeoSteer®   •   Soil-Max®   •   Intellislope®   •   OnTrac2+™   •   South American Office

  • AgFiniti®

    AgFiniti connects grower’s entire operation, and allows sharing of information with trusted advisors. It also allows access to data and maps from the field, the office, or anywhere through an iPad, tablet, laptop or a phone.

    Other 2013 Milestones:

    Compass™ Display   •   Asia Pacific Office

  • SteerCommand® & GPS 6500

    The SteerCommand controller offers sub-inch accuracy, leading steering performance and a simple setup. SteerCommand offers best-in-class integrated steering performance when paired with GPS 6500 for repeatable, precision steering.

    Other 2014 Milestones:

    ISOBUS LIquid Control   •   Ontrac3™   •   Distribution Center

  • InCommand® Displays

    The InCommand line is built on Ag Leader’s industry-leading precision ag display technology. With InCommand, you get year-round efficient machine control plus instantaneous information to simplify crucial decisions that impact yield and profitability.

    Other 2015 Milestones:

    Agfiniti® Mobile

  • DisplayCast®

    DisplayCast introduced the next level of connectivity for AgFiniti and InCommand displays. DisplayCast provides display-to-display communication whether you have multiple displays working in one field or need information synced from a display parked in another machine. DisplayCast is the ticket for speed and efficiency on your farm.

    Other 2016 Milestones:

    Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce   •   SureDrive™

  • NTRIP for InCommand

    InCommand displays got the ability to connect to NTRIP networks for RTK corrections and AgFiniti®, Ag Leader’s through the same connection source using one cellular data plan.

    Other 2017 Milestones:

    Shaper Pro   •   AgFiniti Comparison Reports   •   Yield Monitoring Enhancements

  • SureForce

    SureForce automatically adjusts weight on the planter to maintain consistent depth no matter the field conditions.  It has bidirectional control with integrated hydraulic down force and uplift capability.

    Other 2018 Milestones:

    GPS 7500   •   SteerCommand with DualTrac   •   AgFiniti Prescriptions   •   AgFiniti Live Stats

  • CartACE

    Using the InCommand 1200 display, the grain cart engages with press of button and automatically steers on a line directly under the combine’s auger. Autosteer takes over steering to assist operator with accurately unloading on the go.

    Other 2019 Milestones:

    Live Mapping   •   AgFiniti Mobile App   •   GPS 7500   •   Terra-Star C Pro   •   SteerCommand with DualTrac

  • SteerCommand Z2 & SteadySteer

    SteerCommand Z2 automated steering and SteadySteer assisted steering designed to provide reliable pass-to-pass autosteer capability

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