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AgFiniti keeps you working from a distance.

Try AgFiniti free for 30 days. 

mobile devices displaying agfiniti, agleader's farm management software

Ag Leader is here to make your life easier. Whether with your family members, dealer, co-op, agronomist, or others on your team, you can safely work together by sharing information via AgFiniti. Share a prescription, coordinate field locations, or get support without the trips to the field using the sharing power of AgFiniti.

Working together – made easy

Real-time Stats

See speed, direction, fleet location, as well as season-specific stats such as planting population, application rate, harvest yield and more! 

View Remote Displays

Use AgFiniti to access InCommand displays for calibrating, equipment setup, troubleshooting and more! 

Share Information Remotely

Use AgFiniti to share files with your team or trusted advisors without leaving the cab! 

Track Your Fleet

Know exactly where everyone in your operation is located from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Farm Management Software AgFiniti displayed on cell phones

How to activate your FREE 30 day subscription: 

  1. Go to to setup your free account. If you already have an account, skip this step! 
  2. Once logged in, select Manage – Licenses and Services in the top navigation. 
  3. Select Free Essentials Trial (on your left in orange). 
  4. Download AgFiniti App.

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