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New API for AgFiniti Provides Connectivity to Third-Party Software Platforms

by Ag Leader on December, 13 2016 in Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, News

Ames, Iowa, December 13, 2016 - Today, Ag Leader Technology, a leader in precision agriculture technology, enhances its AgFiniti® cloud-based platform with the announcement of an Application Program Interface (API). This API will allow third-party farm management information systems (FMIS) to transfer files to and from AgFiniti.

"Today's growers are accustomed to using a variety of FMIS platforms in their day-to-day data management practices. This API will enable seamless transfer of files between AgFiniti and third-party software, ensuring the grower's data is seamlessly available, regardless of the software being used," says Corey Weddle, Director of Software Solutions for Ag Leader. 
The ability to transfer AGDATA, AGSETUP, shapefile prescriptions, ISOXML files and even .PDF smart reports to various FMIS allows seamless integration for growers and trusted advisors to access any and all of their data, regardless of the FMIS being used.

True to Ag Leader's stance on data ownership, growers will have full control over which third-party software has access to their data, ensuring the data stays the property of the grower.

Interested developers should visit to request information on integrating with Ag Leader data and systems.


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