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Ag Leader the Podcast

Ag Leader has played a tremendous role in the development of the precision technology sector of the agriculture industry today; however, the journey has not all been smooth sailing. Tune in to Ag Leader's first-ever podcast series for behind-the-scenes stories, told by Ag Leader employees and industry leaders!
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Getting to Know Russ Morman, host of Ag Leader the Podcast

A lot can change in 30 years, and for agriculture, a lot has. As your host, I will explore the innovation and evolution of Ag Leader. Listen and learn about how I grew up in agriculture and how Ag Leader has been a part of my life for the past 25 years.

Podcast Transcript

Welcome to ag leader, the podcast. I’m your host, Russ Mormon in celebration of Ag Leader’s 30th anniversary. I’m here to bring you a limited edition series about the evolution of agriculture and Ag Leader. Ag Leader has been and continues to be an industry leading innovator in the precision ag sector. We provide a complete line of top tier products, designed and tested to help growers plan, plant, apply and harvest more efficiently and effectively. Our products are backed by a full technical support team and a commitment to quality unmatched in the industry.

As your host, I’m here to guide you through the 30 year journey that started with the first ever commercially successful on-the-go yield monitor created by our president and CEO, Al Myers to the full line of aftermarket agricultural solutions we offer today.

I’ll be sharing how both everyday farmers and influencers like the New York Farm Girls and Mark Thomas utilize our products to improve the day to day functions on their farms. But first, to set the scene you must be wondering who is Russ Mormon. You really should know that already, but how am I qualified for the role of host for Ag Leaders first ever podcast?

Well, as John Levitz, once famously said, let’s get to know me. Who is Russ Mormon? So for a little background, I’m originally from the small town of Bouton, Iowa, which is about 45 minutes Northwest of Des Moines. I grew up on a small cow/calf operation. We also did a farrow-to-feeder operation. We had chickens turkeys, geese, guinea, all sorts of yard birds, and plus our family does row crop as.

So after high school, I went to Iowa State University to get a bachelor’s degree in Ag business. Now that had a lot of influence on what I wanted to do when I took a class in agronomy that mentioned precision agriculture. During my last semester at Iowa state, I took a sales class. I became friends with a guy by the name of Reed Hester ,that semester flew by and before I knew it, I was within a couple of weeks of graduating and was one of the only friends that I had that didn’t have a job yet.

I began to panic a little bit because I had college loans to pay and I did not have a job. Just through happenstance Reed mentioned that a company he worked for was looking for an inside sales rep. With a little word from Reed, I managed to get an interview and that interview was with Al. After three hours of interview, I got the job in May of 1997 and the rest, as they say is history.

As of May, I’ve now been at ag leader for 25 years. Probably my favorite part of the job is getting to travel to different areas and meeting folks interested in Ag Leader equipment, learning about new areas of the country and crops that I didn’t know anything about, smelling apple harvest in New York, watching cotton be picked in Texas.

All of which I really, really enjoy. I also enjoy speaking at grower meetings, learning from farmers and I also work a lot of trade shows. If you’ve been to any of the major trade shows, National Farm Machinery Show, Farm Progress Show, Commodity Classic, and a bunch of other ones we’ve probably met and talked before.

However, I have plenty of other hobbies and passions outside of work. I can usually be found tinkering in my shop, talking about old cars, taking old cars out for a drive wrenching on old cars, cussing about old cars. There’s perhaps a little bit of a theme there, but most of all, taking them out and seeing the, the wonders of the countryside.

Also enjoy making barbecue on my offset smoker. And at the end of the day, I like to kick back with a good cigar and some Kentucky bourbon, which I’m sure we’ll talk about more throughout our short series of these podcasts. However, cars, bourbon and cigars aside, my passion for agriculture is second to none, which is why I’m very excited to bring you the first ever Ag Leader podcast.

In this short series, you’ll hear about the Ag Leader evolution from many different perspectives, including influencers like Mark Thomas and New York Farm Girls, internal employees and even the founder himself Al Myers and his son, Mike.

I hope that the podcast will bring a sense of belonging to our customers, employees, and dealers, with Ag Leader.

We are a lot more than just a company that builds precision ag equipment. After 25 years, Ag Leader has become part of my family as well. So come along and join me as I explore Ag Leader’s history and evolution throughout the last 30 years.

Season 2

Getting Started with Technology: Ep. 01

We all have to start somewhere... And Ag Leader wants to make sure you start off on the right foot. Listen to find out where your journey in precision ag technology could begin!

Planting with Pierce and Peelen: Ep. 02

As planting season approaches, so do the stressors that come along with it. Keep listening to find out how you can reduce some of these stressors by placing the seed in the right place, at the right time, in the right position, with the right technology to help you do it!

Application with Intent: Ep. 03

Not sure if RightSpot is for you? Listen to hear real RightSpot stories and experiences from the field... and maybe some from outside the field... from the RightSpot product specialists themselves!

Q & A with Russ: Ep. 04

We asked our followers on social media what questions they might have for our host. Russ answers those questions in this episode, plus a few more from trade shows and our sales team!

Delivering Data-Driven Solutions: Ep. 05

Like many revolutionary products, they all start with a dream. For Al Myers, he dreamt of finding a way to make farmers lives easier. In this episode, find out how data and connectivity has made a positive difference in the way we farm!

Season 1

30 Years of Innovation and Evolution: Ep. 01

From the first on-the-go yield monitor, to the full line of ag precision products today, founder Al Myers has definitely created a legacy for himself. But what does the future of that legacy look like? Hear from both Al and his son, Mike Myers to find out where the future of Ag Leader is headed.

Farm Talk with Influencer Mark Thomas of BLT Farms: Ep. 02

Aside from farm equipment, have you ever wondered what tiktok farmer, Mark Thomas collects? Tune-in to find out about Mark’s favorite Ag Leader products and how he utilizes them on his operation!

Building Software Solutions: Ep. 03

Listen and learn how Ag Leader’s Director Of Software Solutions, Corey Weddle, one of the first Ag Leader employees, and his team of developers designed Ag Leader’s software from the ground up. One of the most versatile software solutions in the market.

Growing Globally: Ep. 04

While Ames, IA may be home to the Ag Leader headquarters, it remains an international company with 4 offices around the world. Hear from two of our international representatives, Paul and Doug about international precision ag adoption and their predictions of where it may be headed in the future.

Behind the Screens: Ep. 05

Russ is joined by Claudia and her dad, Tim from the New York Farm Girls. At age 13, Claudia and her family were coming home from a trip when they came up with an idea to advocate for agriculture, which has now become what we now know on social media as the New York Farm Girls.

Elevating the Ag Leader Experience: Ep. 06

From selling precision technology, to traveling and coaching basketball, Mike Hofer of Park Farms really does it all. Hear from Mike, one of our first Ag Leader dealers about his journey with ag computer systems.