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2017: A Year in Review

by Dec 20, 2017Ag Leader

2017 marked a special year for Ag Leader, we celebrated our 25th anniversary by having a week-long celebration in Ames, Iowa and further advanced agriculture through our precision ag product efforts and support.

Additionally, 2017 was also Soil-Max’s 20th anniversary. For more information about Soil-Max, a wholly-owned Ag Leader subsidiary, click here.

January: Five-day TerraStar-C demo and demo unlock released. This allows dealers to demo TerraStar-C to prospective customers, free of charge.

February: Soil-Max introduces a new product to the Soil-Max family, the Shaper Pro, at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. Ag Leader also announced the G5 partnership with granular application specialists, New Leader.

March: DisplayCast enhancements included icons for active vehicles in the field, added options for sharing guidance lines between the vehicles and more.

May: Full implementation of our new dealer site – Dealer Center. Dealer Center puts more tools in our dealer’s hands to better serve their customers in a timely manner.

June: Employee celebration event. In celebration of our 25th anniversary, Ag Leader hosted a full open house for employees and their families, complete with barbecue, games, building tours and gifts.

July: New AgFiniti release with many new features, including updated device locations. Users could now see vehicle type, location, heading direction and speed.

August: August was a big month for Ag Leader! InCommand v2.5 brought many exciting new features such as the reduced calibration load yield monitor, bushel counters, TerraStar-L signal support, Seed Rows and more. SMS version 17.5 included the ability to create guidance lines on the computer, tile planning features and more.

We also had our 25th-anniversary event at the Ag Leader campus in Ames, Iowa! At the weeklong event, we hosted over 300 dealers from all over the world for fun, training and to build relationships. We wrapped up with a customer celebration complete with food, field activities at our test farm and giveaways.

At the event, we also announced our “Tech My Farm” winners, the Howells. Stay tuned to see how technology will influence the Howell’s farm in the upcoming year.

September: Farm Progress Show Decatur, IL. Great weather and great attendance! Ag Leader hosted live combine clinics on site to highlight the new improvements to InCommand for the harvest season.

November: NTRIP for InCommand was announced. This new feature simplifies connectivity in the cab by allowing the grower to use one cell service for AgFiniti and RTK correction.

December: InCommand version 3.0 was launched and features planting enhancements, Task Controller 3 support, and more. AgFiniti updates brought convenient new data evaluation tools in the Comparison Report feature and the SMS version 18.0 release features John Deere Gen 4 display support, as well as some handy tile features.

We look forward 2018 and beyond! Ag Leader will have a continued focus on providing value through agronomic knowledge and products that address challenges in agriculture today.