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2018 Tech Trials

by May 16, 2018Ag Leader, Agronomically Speaking, Agronomy

Earlier this year, we introduced Chad Swindoll and Barry Anderson, our Agronomy team at Ag Leader. They weren’t on the job for very long before they got to work setting up Tech Trial plots across North America to help farmers realize the value of Ag Leader equipment, and precision agriculture in general, from a more agronomic perspective.

For years, we have had a farm in Ames, Iowa dedicated to testing equipment and generating agronomic studies. Now, we’re taking it one step further with the introduction of our Tech Trials. It started with on-farm trials scattered across the continent, but before long, a number of universities also came on board with our research efforts. In addition, many of our dealers, your local precision experts, are participating in this year’s tech trials. We’re excited to see how the combination of the three come together to provide valuable insights for our company, dealers, and growers.

The focus on areas outside the Midwest has been intentional. We have numerous Tech Trials planted this year, including locations outside of the corn belt in Texas, North Carolina, Canada and many more. Reinforcing that precision ag solutions aren’t just valuable for corn and soybean farmers in the heartland!

Stay tuned for updates on our Tech Trials posted here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is just the beginning of many more things to come from our agronomists, and another step towards our goal of helping farmers around the world become more efficient and profitable through the use of precision ag technology. Learn along with us as we walk through the growing season and into harvest!