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2020 Minnesota SureForce Trial

Agronomically Speaking

Minnesota SureForce Trial

  • Year:  2020
  • Trial Location:  Southern Minnesota
  • Product Tested:  SureForce
  • Crop Type:  Corn
  • Cropping Practice:  Conventional Tillage

Trial Purpose/What We Were Testing For:  Determine the influence of SureForce on uniform corn emergence and consistent seeding depth.

Outlying Factors:

  • No outlying factors that influenced the trial outcome this year.


  • There was a yield increase of 5.4 bu/ac compared to the control of 100 lbs. manual downforce. However, there was no significant difference, which means there may have been other outside factors that we were unable to control that influenced the results.

Bushel Advantage: 5.4 bushel advantage when using the Medium SureForce setting compared to the control.


Additional Trial Information and Maps:

* Corn price was $3.80/bu when the trial summary was analyzed.

This is a summarization of data collected in one year and represents only what happened across the tested field in 2020.  It is not a rigorous evaluation of factors that may or may not influence yield.  Results may not predict future performance and may not be complete.

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