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2021 SureForce™ Corn Trial – Northwest IA


What We Were Testing For:

To evaluate SureForce™ at three different treatments in the field and the formation of uniform seedbed conditions across the different treatment types. The agronomy team will evaluate the uniformity of emergence and evaluate seedling depth during the 2021 growing season.

Drone footage capturing in-field insights at tassel for this SureForce™ trial.

SureForce™ treatments captured by AgFiniti®.

Trial Location:
Northwest Iowa

Product Tested:

Crop Type:

Additional Trial Information:

At the time the drone video was taken the plant tassels show variation from pass to pass. This field was planted very dry. It’s likely, because of the dry planting conditions, the seeds planted with the heaviest gauge wheel loads are going to generate the best yield. 

Harvest Observations and Insights

In this trial yield favored SureForce’s higher gauge wheel load due to planting conditions being abnormally dry. These conditions were common in this region. Forming an ideal seed trench to achieve depth consistency and seed to soil contact requires heavier than normal gauge wheel load. This trend of improved yield with heavier gauge wheel load is consistent with other SureForce setting trials across the central corn belt in 2021. An important feature of the SureForce system is that it allows heavier gauge wheel load with “Heavy” and “Maximum” settings while still allowing uplift when needed. This is not possible when using the “manual” static applied force setting. 


This is a summarization of data collected in one year and represents only what happened across the tested field in 2021. It is not a rigorous evaluation of factors that may or may not influence yield.  Results may not predict future performance and may not be complete.

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