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5 reasons to upgrade older equipment with the latest technology

by Aug 14, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Displays, Guidance & Steering

Precision farming technology can breathe new life into existing equipment. Adam Gittins, General Manager at HTS Ag, shares five reasons why you should consider adding technology to your fleet.

1. Increases ease of use. Often, a piece of machinery is made easier to run by implementing technology. Autosteer is a great example.

2. Improves compatibility. Some of the older systems in sprayers, combines, and tractors are no longer compatible with today’s computer systems, making it hard or impossible to capture the data from them.

3. Lessens downtime. Did you know technology can help reduce downtime? Newer technology reduces the potential for downtime from electronics and offers quicker channels to help with remote support. Some technology can reduce downtime of machinery, as well.

“Foam markers on sprayers and planters, for example, can cost precious hours in the field when not operating correctly. Guidance or autosteer can reduce or eliminate this threat,” Gittins says.

4. Adds efficiency. Technology plays an important role in your operation’s efficiency. Up-to-date technology can further enhance this with remote support and remote file transfer. Automatic shutoffs on your planter or sprayer will also increase field efficiency of the machine, as will autosteer.

5. Proven return on investment. Gittins says he finds that nothing else in a farm operation can get you a quicker return on your investment than technology. “Most every piece of technology can pencil a return to you on paper, either through cost savings, increased yield, or both,” he says.

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