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A Report Card for Your Farm

by Apr 6, 2010SMS™ Software

Precision ag tools can improve efficiency in the field.  These tools also provide information from the field to be viewed with computer software.  With so much technology and ways to improve your operation, the difficulty is deciding which solutions are right for you.  I've heard it said, “there are a lot of rabbits to chase and you can't chase them all”. Software that reads the information from your precision ag displays gives you the ability to quantify the changes you made and see which ones profited.  The largest value from precision ag data is that it is truly your information!  Only your information gives you data from your unique fields.  Only your information gives you a report about your final yields, combined with your management practices.  And only your information can help make you the most informed decision to improve on next year's crop.  Similar to getting a report card in school, your information is a “report card” for all your fields. One way to see your report card is to create maps and reports.  Most precision ag software programs create maps and reports using your information.  View this video to see it done in SMS™  Software.

If you would like to know more details about specific areas in your field, you can also use the query tools.  These tools are very powerful; we give you a brief overview of how they work here.