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Everyone knows planting an ideal seed placement is key to ROI and you are losing big money per acre by not placing seed properly. Several factors affect spacing quality and singulation, but do you know how your planter is performing? If the answer is no, you need a window into your planter, and the InCommand 1200 gives you just that. In this blog series, I’ll discuss how InCommand can gain you visibility into your planter like nothing else.

With InCommand™ 1200 you now have a window into planter performance, before it costs you yield. Something you didn’t have before.

View row-by-row activity and more on a single display

See high-resolution and real-time maps that display skips and doubles, singulation, population, spacing quality and more.

View historical pass-to-pass information with directional arrows and split-screen functionality so you can dive into more specific information. Plus you’ll have planting maps in hand when you leave the cab with AgFiniti!
Split Screen View
View row-by-row activity and more on a single display. Using split screen, you can single into a row for greater resolution, load a background map to compare previous in-field activity throughout the season and more. At the same time see your historical pass-to-pass data. Data visibility is what the InCommand display is all about!
Full-Farm Connectivity
Don’t forget the power of AgFiniti for full-farm connectivity anywhere, anytime! Your InCommand display can seamlessly connect with AgFiniti to allow information to flow across your team. All machines, devices, tablets, phones and displays across the operation are updated with historical and real-time information including coverage maps, guidelines and prescriptions. No need for USB drives or desktop software processing – information is automatically synced with AgFiniti across all your devices. You can also set up sharing relationships with trusted advisors like your co-op manager or agronomist. Or set up remote viewing access with your dealer for even more collaboration with your extended team.

Stay tuned for a continuation of this blog where we’ll discuss some specific examples of where InCommand shines in the planting tractor. Learn more about InCommand here.