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Ag Leader Academy is Back in Session!

by May 4, 2012Training & Support

It’s really hard to believe that students are almost done with school! As they are counting down the days until vacation and preparing for summer activities, Ag Leader dealers are heading in the opposite direction: into the classroom! School will soon be in session at the Ag Leader Academy!


Ag Leader dealers are expanding on what they already know by attending training during the months of June, July and August.  We have found that when dealers attend training they are able to more accurately install, support, and troubleshoot Ag Leader systems in less time.  The end result is fewer support issues and happier dealers and customers.

It’s no doubt that Ag Leader dealers have a busy summer ahead of them.  In addition to dealer training, they will also be hosting customer trainings across the country as early as June and as late as August.  At these training sessions, dealers will provide information to their customers on how to prepare their equipment for the upcoming seasons.  Topics will include a display operation, preharvest and a preapplication checklist that ensures them that their equipment is ready to harvest and apply products in the field.

After trainings have been scheduled they will be posted on our customer support page at We look forward to seeing you at training!