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Ag Leader Academy Launches New Online Training Platform

by Nov 13, 2012Training & Support

As 2012 nears an end, new opportunities begin at Ag Leader Academy! The Ag Leader Academy had an extremely successful year.  It housed nearly 140 dealer trainings, covering 13 different courses!  Dealers came from around the world to learn more about Ag Leader products so they could provide their customers the best support possible.

Ag Leader's addition of Hydraulic Down Force and Intellislope has opened up new opportunities at the Academy.  Ag Leader dealers will have 15 courses to choose from in 2013.  With a rapidly growing product line and the world becoming ever busier, it can be difficult for dealers to keep up on latest product functionalities.  For 2013, Ag Leader Academy is trying harder than ever to make it more ergonomic for dealers to attend training.  Ag Leader dealers will be able to register and attend courses through webinar, self-paced training modules and at Ag Leader Academy in Ames.  Ag Leader Academy is excited to launch its new online dealer training platform in 2013!  Below is a sneak peak of what Ag Leader dealers have to look forward to!


Happy Holidays from the Ag Leader Training Team!