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Ag Leader Academy Wraps Up a Record Breaking Training Season

by Apr 9, 2013Training & Support

The beginning of 2013 started out as a record breaker here at the Ag Leader Academy. With the onset of the new online training platform and the addition of two new courses, the attendance numbers have never been higher.

Between the months of January and March, we had a 26% increase in the number of dealers that walked through the Academy doors for hardware training compared to last year at the same time. Since the launch of the new online courses last November, we have been able to increase the total number of dealers trained by 30% over a year ago! These numbers together represent an over 50% increase in the number of dealers trained here at Ag Leader.

There are more Ag Leader dealers than ever taking advantage of the trainings offered. This training leads to more accurate quotes, faster and more precise system installs and the high quality of support that producers expect when buying Ag Leader products!

As dealers are putting on spring customer trainings across the country and producers start to head to the field, the training staff is staying plenty busy as well! Through the use of the new Absorb training portal we have started to offer our dealer network a series of recent webinars. These webinars have covered topics that have been in high demand the past few years, including OptRx® crop sensors, new product updates and new firmware improvements. If you’re part of our dealer network here at Ag Leader, be on the lookout for any upcoming webinars, as well as additional online course offerings!