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Ag Leader Academy Wraps up Summer 2013 Dealer Training

by Aug 13, 2013Training & Support

The Ag Leader Academy has wrapped up the 2013 Summer Dealer Trainings. With the weather everyone was experiencing this spring it has been quite a year.  Planting dates were pushed back and the hustle and bustle of planting, spraying, and tillage work all needed to be completed in a short window of opportunity.  This led to training season beginning somewhat slow, as many dealers were still in the peak of the season and busy supporting Ag Leader products for his/her customers. 

With the busy planting season this year the Ag Leader Academy still had great attendance for the instructor lead courses offered in Ames, Iowa.  New to the Academy this year is a 46” flat screen TV which displays the markets, local and national weather!  This allows dealers to see what weather conditions their area is experiencing while away from home.

The Ag Leader Academy has continued to add to the online content offered with the addition of GPS & Steering 100 online, and an ISOBUS/VT webinar.  Also, we have added Harvest calibration videos to Ag Leader’s Youtube channel for our customers.  With the online content offered, Ag Leader dealers have the advantage and ability to complete trainings from anywhere! 

As our dealers continue to prepare everyone for harvest, the training center is staying plenty busy as well.  With the continued webinars, working on updating online courses as well as the stand up courses, there is plenty to do while getting ready for harvest and next training season.  If you are a part of the Ag Leader dealer network, be on the lookout for new and updated offerings from us here at the Ag Leader Academy!