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Ag Leader Announces New ISOBUS Liquid Control Module

by Dec 18, 2014DirectCommand®, News & Announcements

Ames, Iowa, December 18, 2014  –  Ag Leader Technology announced today that it is expanding its ISOBUS offerings with a new Liquid Control Module that works with Ag Leader displays, as well as other brands of ISOBUS compatible displays.

The module is configurable for the user’s choice of sprayer, liquid fertilizer, anhydrous and manure application with features and interactive controls optimized specific to each of those equipment types.

“Our Liquid Control Module is compatible with ISOBUS standards for virtual terminal and task control,” explained John Howard, Ag Leader’s DirectCommand Product Manager. “This functionality allows using the system with other brands of virtual terminal/task control compatible displays.”

Physical components of the system are a rate control ECU, one or more boom section control ECUs and an auxiliary input switch console that is designed specifically to meet liquid application control requirements.

Features of the system include:

  • Easy-to-use, structured methods to calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed sensors that are critical to accurate system performance.
  • Continuous monitoring of the relationship between product flow rates and system pressure. This permits early detection and warning in event of a sensor failing or drifting off previously calibrated baselines.
  • Settings to automate boom prime and maintain a standby pressure to ensure accurate product flow rates without lag in performance after initial machine fill and every time boom is cycled on/off/on turning around at field headlands.
  • Supports up to 24 boom sections for less overlap of product application. (Additional sections supported in the future.)

The ISOBUS Liquid Control Module will be available to the North American market in early 2015. Visit to locate a dealer.


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